Interview with Albert Fisk

Albert Fisk is a Swedish artist, based in Stockholm. He works mainly in drawings and paintings and his style is a mix of biomechanical and lowbrow/sci-fi.



How old are you? How old is your inner child?
34 (2018) and 25.
Where do you live?
Stockholm, Sweden.
Artists who have had the biggest influence on you?
H.R Giger, Salvador Dali.
How would you describe your art?
Dark, surreal with some elements of sci-fi.
Are you self-taught or trained?
Mainly self-taught.
Which emotions drive you when you’re working with your art?
I don’t usually mix emotions and work. Art, to me is an escape from reality where I get to dive deep into my inner world.
If you were unable to make art, what would you do instead?
I’d be playing TV-games and binge-watching movies.
Your biggest fear?
If you were allowed to create with one color only, which color would you use?
Who would play you in the movie about your life?
Giovanni Ribisi.
Do you have any collection?
I collect old, golden picture frames, especially ones decorated with ornaments and intricate details.



– Albert Fisk är en del av den svenska lowbrow & dark art-scenen. Följ gärna Fisks sociala medier för att hålla dig uppdaterad om kommande utställningar och events.



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