Interview with Amapola Wiger




How old are you? How old is your inner child?
I am 27 years (2018) but my inner child is somewhere in between 9 and 15 years old, depending on my mood, day and season.
Where do you live?
Temporarily outside of Växjö in a small village called Åryd. I like it there, because it’s nice and calm – not too many people.
Artists who have had the biggest influence on you?
Salvador Dalí, Mia Makila, Hans Bellmer and Jesper Waldersten.
How would you describe your art?
My art is filled with emotions – everything from of darkness to a sense of humor. Vulnerability mixed with strength. 
Are you self-taught or trained?
Both. My interest in art has always been present in my family since my father has been working in both oil and watercolor. When I was 6 years old, I went to art school and as an adult I have been taking art classes in watercolor at Gerlesborgskolan. I am currently studing to become an art teacher. 
Which emotions drive you when you’re working with your art?
Fear, sorrow, rage, humor, joy, loss and happiness.
If you were unable to make art, what would you do instead?
I could never handle a situation where I weren’t allowed to make art. I would be climbing the walls, be restless and my self-harming behavior would return. In other words; to not make art is not an option. My creativity is always with me in whatever I am doing, whether I am doing the dishes, doing photography, cooking or sketching on new drawings.
Your biggest fear?
Right now, my biggest fear is to be alone with myself and my thoughts and also to lose my dear ones.
If you were allowed to create with one color only, which color would you use?
Do you have any collection?
I collect a lot of things – like: salt shakers, art books, dolls, toys, taxidermy and skeletons.


– Amapola Wiger är en del av den svenska lowbrow & dark art-scenen. Följ gärna Wigers sociala medier för att hålla dig uppdaterad om kommande utställningar och events.





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