Interview with Axel Torvenius

Axel Torvenius, Uppsala, Sweden
Sculpture, mixed media and Photoshop painting




How old are you? How old is your inner child?
I am 38 years old but my inner child is still unborn. It is still wrapped up in a warm darkness, asleep and anticipating another would waiting around the corner.
Where do you live?
I am born and raised in Uppsala, Sweden. I have moved around due to studies but moved back to Uppsala in 2006 and have stayed there since.
Artists who have influenced your art?
Difficult question and no simple answer. But I would say illustrators like Roger Dean, Sven Nordqvist, Jean Giraud, Zdzislaw Beksinski, Richard Corben och Sergio Aragones has worked as inspiration. My top 2 Swedish artists are Roj Friberg and Hans Arnold.
How would you describe your art?
My art is often inspired by dreams and esoteric ideas. People usually refer to my art as dark, which I don’t fully agree with. I often use Death as a theme – and the symbols of Death, mysticism and a tribal or ritualistic feeling. It is quite surreal
Are you self-taught or trained?
What emotion drives you while making art?
Mysticism, a suggestive “darkness”, a ritualistic idea about the power of creation, my fascination with creativity and why we feel t
he need to create. The connection between the creative spark, dreams, the subconscious and consciousness – and the conscious will to visualize, is a drive force in my own creativity. I find this highly satisfying and it has grown stronger with time and is perhaps why I am making more art now days.
If you were unable to make art, what would you do instead?
If I couldn’t make art, I would be destroyed.
Your biggest fear?
To not being able to make art or to lose my eyesight!
If you were forced to only use one color in your art, which color?
Who would play you in the bio-pic about your life?
Jeffrey Combs or Rutger Hauer.
Do you have any collection?
Too many things! Since my pre-teens, I’ve had a big interest in taxidermy, insects, skulls, seashells, bones, minerals etc. Anything that would be found in a prehistoric museum.



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