Interiew with Christine Linde (Tómarúm)

Christine Linde, Delsbo, Sweden
Digital art/
photo manipulations

@tomarum Website




How old are you? How old is your inner child?
27  (2018).  A couple of years ago, someone called me “the World’s oldest 25-year old”. So, I think my inner child has lived through a few centuries already. I titled one of my works “Dead in 1691”, after a dream I had.
Where do you live?
Born and raised in Delsbo, Hälsingland, Sweden. I have a farmyard in Färila and a small house in Bjuråker that was built in 1666.
Artist who has influenced your art?
How would you describe your art?
Dark and nostalgic. It tends to bring back childhood memories from my audience. It borders on horror.
Are you self-taught or trained?
I have studied photography and design – however I am mostly self-taught. I often start out in a place where I have no idea how to make it happen and then doing it anyway. It is a educational process.
What emotion drives you while making art?
Love, obsessiveness and anxiety. 
If you were unable to make art, what would you do instead?
To run a home for abandoned cats.
Your biggest fear?
Having my house burn down.
If you were forced to only use one color in your art, which color?

Who would play you in the bio-pic about your life?
Krysten Ritter.
Do you have any collection?
Swedish folk art.

(Läs intervjun på Svenska här)

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