Interiew with Christine Linde (Tómarúm)

Christine Linde, Delsbo, Sweden Digital art/photo manipulations @tomarum | Website . INTERVIEW WITH CHRISTINE LINDE [TÓMARÚM]: How old are you? How old is your inner child? 27  (2018).  A couple of years ago, someone called me “the World’s oldest 25-year old”. So, I think my inner child has lived through a few centuries already. I titled…

Interview with Anders Sköld

Anders Sköld, Norrköping, Sweden Photography/photomanipulations @biison . INTERVIEW WITH ANDERS SKÖLD How old are you? How old is your inner child? 39 (2018). 6-8 years old.  That was when the nightmares started to form and they still function as a source of inspiration for me. Where do you live? Norrköping, Sweden. Artists who have influenced your…

Photos from MONSTER TEAM Show

    Photos from MONSTER TEAM’S art show (Mia Makila and Maria Wingård) on culture night in Norrköping, Sweden on September 29th 2018 (Norrköpings kulturnatt). The very first ART MONSTERS OF SWEDEN art show.   

SVT “Sverige!” – covers ART MONSTERS OF SWEDEN

ART MONSTERS OF SWEDEN was covered on National Swedish TV in the season premier of culture show “Sverige!” on August 25th 2018. The episode, which also featured an interview with renowned artist Linn Fernström, reached over 325 000 views. Click image to watch!