How old are you? How old is your inner child?
I am 30 years old (2018), planet Earth-wise. My inner child however I would say is ageless.
Where in Sweden do you live? How did you end up in Sweden?
I currently live next to a mountain in Falköping! I came to Sweden several years ago because my husband is Swedish and he told me it was the place to be.
The artist or artwork that has had the biggest influence on you?
Over the past few years I have greatly admired Andrea Kowch. Her work is truly beautiful and I love how she delves into human consciousness with her pieces. But I am heavily influenced by all my peers in the modern surrealism movement!
How would you describe your art?
As a genre, I would call it magical realism. I paint women primarily in a dream-like, slightly askew or fantasy driven landscape. Something that seems real but you certainly wouldn’t see every day. Each of my pieces tells some sort of story and I allow the viewer to interpret what that story is.
Are you self-taught or educated?
I am primarily self-taught, but in 2017 I attended the Swedish Academy of Realist Art in Simrishamn for one semester! It is a pretty hard-core atelier school so I only made it up to using charcoal and pencil before we moved to Västra Götaland. However, I soaked up all I could in my brief time there.
What / what feelings drive you in your creation?
My emotions. No matter who we are in life or what path we take, we always will face obstacles. It is the one constant and the one binding force we share as a human race. From longing, loss, good, bad, evil, everything within us and around us… these are the things which drive me to create. I can be sloppy and shy with my true feelings, painting them is the perfect release.
If you were not allowed to create, what would you do instead?
That’s a hard question because I would always want to be in a creative career. But I do love helping others so I could imagine being a counsellor or a kooky shaman healer who grows herbs in her garden and has crystals all over her house. The second sounds like a lot more fun!
Your biggest fear?
I fear loss probably the most, maybe even more than heights!
If you only got to create with a single color, what color would you choose?
Blue – it has always been my favorite color.
Who would play you in the movie about your life?
Hmm, maybe Emma Stone? We semi-resemble each other and I think she could pull it off lol.
Do you have any collection?
We have a bunch of spiritual items in our home, but it’s not a concentrated collection. I think I am more into hoarding rather than collecting.